Mike Desepoli Earns Investment Fiduciary Designation

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Mike Desepoli Named Accredited Investment Fiduciary

A huge congratulations to our Financial Advisor and head of portfolio management, Mike Desepoli. Mike achieved the accredited AIF® designation, for Accredited Investment Fiduciaries.

What is the AIF?

Being awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation comes with the highest standard of knowledge of client management. Advisors with this designation have chosen a business model that is free of conflicts of interest. As a result, they have chosen a model that truly benefits the client as they deliver their services in a fair and transparent manner. It also shows competence to handle the responsibility of implementing policies and procedures that meet a defined standard of care. A fiduciary advisor has his or her clients best interest in mind with every single recommendation that they make. A fiduciary advisor is help to the highest standards when it comes to providing investment advice.


For more information on Mike Desepoli, visit Our Team

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