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2019 was a banner year for stocks

2019 Was One For The Ages | Heritage Wealth Weekly

01/06/2020 | wealth weekly

About face! 2019 was a remarkable year for investors with many asset classes delivering positive performance. Both the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, a gauge of U.S. stock market performance, and the Dow Jones Global (ex U.S.) Index delivered double-digit increases (see the below table). Bonds and gold rallied, too, delivering positive returns for the year. Possibly the most important factor contributing to asset performance in 2019 was an ‘about…... Read more

Heritage Insider Weekly | September 23rd, 2019

09/26/2019 | wealth weekly

In this episode we discuss: -the fed cuts interest rates again -the continued fallout from the bombing of a Saudi Oil Facility -Chinese trade delegates visit the US to continue negotiations... Read more

Heritage Insider Weekly | Hong Kong Protests Continue

08/20/2019 | wealth weekly

Big market swings, protests in Hong Kong, and potentially more interest rate cuts. We break it all down in this week's Heritage Insider. Like our videos? There is plenty more where that came from. Unfamiliar with the Hong Kong protests? Read more about it here.... Read more

a woman checks financial markets on her phone

How Are You Feeling About Financial Markets?

11/14/2018 | wealth weekly

How Are You Feeling About Financial Markets? Heritage Insider Weekly November 12, 2018 Some votes are still being counted but investors appear to be happy with the outcome of mid-term elections. Major U.S. stock indices in the United States moved higher last week, and the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Sentiment Survey reported:   “Optimism among individual investors about the short-term direction of stock prices is above average for just the…... Read more

a picture of the turkish flag amid the chaos over their falling currency

Let’s Talk Turkey!

08/13/2018 | wealth weekly

Let’s Talk Turkey!   So, how did Turkey, a country that represents just about 1.4 percent of the world’s economy spark a global selloff?   Turkey was once a rising star. The country’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan took office in 2003 and his “conservative, pro-business policies helped pull the country back from an economic crisis,” reported Financial Times.   As Turkey’s economy strengthened, investors saw opportunity. Investments from outside…... Read more

a man opens his laptop to look over his investment portfolio

Stocks Remain Bullish in 2nd Quarter!

07/11/2018 | wealth weekly

Stocks Remain Bullish in 2nd Quarter July 9, 2018   The Markets   What a rollercoaster of a quarter!   When it comes to the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Sentiment Survey, respondents tend to be more bullish than bearish about U.S. stock markets. The survey’s historical averages are:   5 percent bullish 0 percent neutral 5 percent bearish   As the second quarter of 2018 began, investors were…... Read more

binoculars looking out over the city scape

Weekly Market Insights

01/30/2018 | wealth weekly

Heritage Weekly Market Insights January 30, 2018 This Week In The Markets The numbers are coming in. Publicly-traded companies report their earnings and sales numbers for the previous quarter in the current quarter. For example, fourth quarter’s sales and earnings are reported during the first quarter of the year, and first quarter’s sales and earnings will be reported during the second quarter, and so on. Through last week, about one-fourth…... Read more

president trump speaks to congress

President Trump’s Speech

03/07/2017 | wealth weekly

President Trump's Speech   It was a grand slam. Major U.S. stock markets were positively euphoric following President Trump’s speech on February 28. Optimism about the new administration’s pro-growth policies propelled the four major U.S. stock indices to record highs, despite a dearth of policy details, reported Financial Times. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why stocks have moved so far, so quickly. However, it appears that mom-and-pop investors have become…... Read more

the seal of the president of the united states

Executive Orders

02/07/2017 | wealth weekly

Executive Orders - Heritage Insider February 7, 2017 U.S. stock markets were unsettled last week. President Trump's executive orders banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries to the United States for 90 days, in tandem with some disappointing earnings reports. As a result, this inspired turmoil and uncertainty that helped push U.S. stock markets lower early in the week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped below 20,000. Markets remained confused after…... Read more

a hat with dow jones 20,000 on the front of it

Dow Jones 20k?

12/27/2016 | wealth weekly

Dow Jones 20,000? December 27, 2016 The Markets The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) got within 13 points of 20,000 last Tuesday. It finished the week about 90 points below the vaunted milestone. As a result, the Dow Jones has gained nearly 10 percent since the end of October, more than double its 4.1 percent rise during the first nine months of the year, spurred in part by Donald J.…... Read more

picture of a chart showing increasing interest rates

Interest Rates on the Rise

12/19/2016 | wealth weekly

Interest Rates on the Rise Heritage Financial Weekly - December 19, 2016   The Federal Reserve put a hitch in the markets’ giddy-up last week, raising interest rates for the first time in over a year. It wasn’t the Fed’s second interest rate hike in a decade that caused markets to stumble. December’s rate hike was old news before it happened. In mid-December, Reuters reported Fed funds futures indicated there…... Read more

bull wrestling bear

Fragile Markets

12/13/2016 | wealth weekly

Fragile Markets Heritage Financial Weekly - December 12, 2016   Dad: “Fra-gee-lay” …it must be Italian! Mom: I think that says “fragile,” honey. Dad: Oh, yeah.   This holiday season, investors’ enthusiasm for U.S. stocks has rivaled old man Parker’s passion for his major-award leg lamp in ‘A Christmas Story.’ Last week, three major U.S. indices hit all-time highs. Consumer Sentiment on the Rise good for stocks? Barron’s reported consumer confidence…... Read more