Wealth Management Services

Financial Life Planning

After a detailed discussion about your goals and objectives, our team of experts will evaluate your current financial situation, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas of concern. Then, we design a plan that reflects your objectives, and helps you increase your return on life. Our team provides regular updates and modifications, ensuring that your financial plan is dynamic and ever evolving as your life changes. We utilize our powerful web based wealth management system, Heritage CFO, to monitor and track the plan.

Strategic Money Management

Our disciplined, time tested investment strategies provide your portfolio with the proactive service you need to achieve your goals. We advise on portfolios with a minimum value of $750,000. For potential clients who are financially responsible and saving a substantial portion of their income, we may waive the minimum portfolio size with the expectation that the portfolio will reach the $750,000 target in a reasonable time.

Retirement Planning & Beyond

Including a retirement readiness assessment, cash flow, tax, pension, and Social Security strategies, and the development of reliable income strategies.

Retirement Income Planning

We will develop a strategy to utilize your financial assets to create a steady and predictable flow of income during your retirement years.

Legacy Planning

Working in conjunction with your estate planning attorney to help you understand how your assets will be distributed under your current estate plan and existing tax law. We will help to establish a comprehensive estate plan that leaves little to chance.

Special Situations Planning

Addressing the emotional and financial impact of life’s big moments for you and your family. By developing a keen understanding of your objectives and a timeline around each event, we can deliver a strategic plan that helps guide you financially toward those goals. From weddings, long term health care of a loved one, or buying a new piece of property, our team will work with you to have a well-rounded and financially sound plan of action.

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